Samarskaya & Partners specializes in visual communications via brand strategy, identity design, typographic layout, type design & occasional things for the internets.

With over a decade of Latin, Greek & Cyrillic type design expertise, we’ve worked on numerous faces for the likes of Apple, Best Made Co., Matthew Carter, Design MW, Font Bureau, Frere-Jones, Hoefler & Co., Google, Mckl, Monotype, WeWork & YouTube.

Purchase our break-out font Blesk (, or get directly in touch if you’re curious to test drive some of our upcoming fonts, such as Wyeth (used on this site, but also written about here).

If you’re a type designer yourself, submit to the TDC type competition up until January 18th, you won’t get a chance to get away with nearly as much on a year that I’m not judging.

Our ongoing collaborations keep making us proud, and we love the work we’re currently doing with Light + Ladder and Sweethaus.

Previously we’ve worked with Bacardi,, Intel and TuneIn via Trollback+Co. and McCann Worldwide.

You can explore more on m’ project site (, use our kern proof to bask amidst words (fix things quickly with, book our space for photoshoots or drop by for coffee (, attend one of our dinners (, check out who else is hanging out in the building (, patronize or promote design events in nyc ( propagate the use of virtual names on the internets (, or pen your epitaph (

Long and mediumreads exist on Communication Arts, Working Not Working, Nomadic Press, Typographica (Huronia, St. Croce, Kazimir, Blesk), 365 Typo, Walker, Felt & Wire, Adobe Create, Workspiration, Eye on Design and Hopes & Fears.

We’re open to all sorts of projects and collaborations, so please do get in touch! Text via 530-430-7734, or write below.